Conquering Boredom

Boredom occurs when our personal skills exceed life’s challenges. Moving from the contentment zone to the boredom zone occurs when we feel under-challenged and overly prepared to meet easy, simple, and not very demanding demands. When this happens we feel useless, unchallenged, and bored. Tackling some new difficulty gets us out of the boredom zone.

When you first learned tic-tac-toe it was probably fun. But once you mastered that game, you moved on to checkers. But when you exhausted your skills at that game you moved on to chess or baseball or motorcycles or video games. Why? Because life without challenges is boring! The way to overcome boredom is to increase the challenges in your life.

Moving from the boredom zone to the contentment zone involves taking on some new project, goal, mind or body exercising difficulty. The interesting thing about this plan is that the process of tackling new challenges is a cause of much happiness. There is something very satisfying about facing and successfully meeting a difficult challenge.

Is mowing the lawn boring? Challenge yourself to do it faster. Are weekends boring? Take on a new hobby. Get a pet, travel, learn a new skill, volunteer to help others, get out of your boring comfort zone. Your mind is like a muscle; it needs exercise.

Being stuck in the Boredom Zone is no fun. One way to reduce boredom is to reduce the number of skills we have: moving backwards by becoming incompetent, under achieving, whiney, negative, faking a disability, and/or lazy. But who wants to waste a perfectly good brain and body?

Take on a new complex project and give yourself the motivation to learn the skills necessary to live life to the max. What new (healthy and legal!) challenges would you like to tackle? The human brain is wired to learn, develop, grow, and help your body meet challenges at home, work, school, neighborhoods! Boredom can be overcome. You can do it!

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