Does Anxiety Affect Your Marriage? Please Take This (Annonymous) Quick Poll

anxious couple

Does anxiety affect your marriage? Let’s find out. Please jot on a piece of paper TRUE or FALSE to the following statements.

  1. When I express a fear my partner says, “Buck up,” “Quit worrying,” or “Be logical.”
  2. When I express my concerns my partner doesn’t “get” it.
  3. I go to my partner for soothing when I’m worried.
  4. Worry prevents me from participating in things my partner likes.
  5. When I’m panicky my partner isn’t here for me.
  6. Fear of unmet needs turns me into a controlling person.
  7. My anxiety makes my partner angry.
  8. My anxiety makes my partner nervous.
  9. When I’m upset my partner withdraws.
  10. My partner criticizes me for being irrational.
  11. My partner advises me, “Face your fears.”
  12. I criticize my partner for not being empathic enough.
  13. I resent my partner for his/her inability to understand me.
  14. My partner resents me for always expressing my concerns, fears, and worries.
  15. My partner is overprotective of me because of my anxiety.
  16. My partner takes on many responsibilities to protect me from things that trigger my anxiety.
  17. My partner doesn’t know half of the things I worry about because I bottle ’em up.
  18. I’m too dependent on my partner because of my fears.
  19. I am a burden to my partner because of my fears.
  20. I’ve thought, “If my partner really loved me they’d accommodate my anxieties.”

Count the number of TRUES and post below. Your participation is entirely anonymous (to me and everyone else).

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