Schismogenesis: A Light-hearted Lexicon of Marital Blunders

Schismo means “conflict” + genesis means beginning”  = Schismogenesis, the “beginning of conflict.” In my on-going quest to put simple conflict resolution tools into the hands of disputants, one of the grandest of conflict resolution strategies is to identify our tendency to justify, rationalize, and overlook our contribution to the conflict. It’s often a shocker when one realizes that the thing that our disputant does that bugs us is in actuality a reaction to something we’ve done. A fabulous book that describes this is, Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me by Carol Tavris.

I’ve put together 100 cartoons illustrating how blind spots, cluelessness, and making our disputant 100% responsible for conflicts while denying our own contribution leads to Schismogenesis. Here are a few pages for your perusal. Copies can be purchased here.